Pan Am Suite Living Room

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The Living Room

Whoever has the good fortune to occupy the Living Room of the Pan Am Suite might find they somehow can’t shake the feeling they have landed smack in the middle of a James Bond classic. Let your phantasy roam, take advantage of the inspiration, mix your own Martini cocktail and sit back and relax upon the leather sofa. Surrounded by the finely-detailed mid-century interior, you will have no trouble at all writing your own personal treatment for your stay at the Suite.

Should you require any food for thought, make recourse to the Living Room library. It is stocked with American classics by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Truman Capote and Edgar Allen Poe, among others. Once you have made the most fitting selection, recline near the fireplace and enjoy the cosy crackling of the flames.

On the loggia balcony adjoining the room, more awaits you than a mere breath of fresh air. You can enjoy the spectacular cityscape view in absolute privacy without ever disembarking from your very own time-travel trip.