The Lounge

On board the aircraft
The Lounge

The centerpiece of the Lounge is the open and generously fashioned bar area with its dancefloor and variety of seating niches. The pristinely preserved mid-century design is echoed throughout the entire interior, from the furniture and accessories all the way down to the wall decor. The characteristically clear, smooth forms and muted colors engender a wondrously cosy atmosphere. Concurrently, a gaze through the panorama windows that run the length of the rooftop terrace unfolds a spectacular view over Berlin and induces a feeling of limitlessness.

Just opposite the bar is the dancefloor. The disco ball is not the only eye-catcher. A truly distinctive feature and absolute rarity, the wallpaper,

Jackie Kennedy owned a carpet with the very same motif. She had it specially woven for use at the White House. The Boston Tea Party is, of course, the historical designation for the act of insubordination undertaken in protest against British colonial politics in the Boston harbour on 16 December 1773. As it symbolizes the very spirit of freedom that Pan American World Airways always stood for, it is no accident that the airline had the wall-paper made by the self-same manufactory as had Jackie Kennedy.

The plethora of various seating combinations in the Lounge area invite the guest to tarry. Or perhaps one would rather head to the bar directly and linger for a moment while their original Pan Am cocktail is mixed by one of our attentive cabin-crew personnel.